How I Make a plan each week for my whole family

a woman sitting at the table planning in her diary

When your a busy mother managing a household of teenagers its critical for your sanity to be prepared for what’s coming up. An hour of weekly planning has saved me many times!

I hate it when things take me by surprise all the time, makes me feel like I’m never caught up. Birthday parties, trips, the money needed, errands, transport etc.

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But with so many moving parts in the household, how do you stay organised and ahead of the pack, so to speak, when your never 100% sure what’s happening each day.

You make the best plan you can for the important things, and leave room for the rest to happen as it will.

I do this by having a planning session each week for myself. It’s a bit of therapy for me actually, my creative time. 

I get a chance to look through my calendar, diary, notes, notices and emails etc. and I check with family members if there is anything coming up I need to know about.

I gather all the items and details that are relevant to that week or near to it and include it in this week’s activities.

I chunk out some quiet over the weekend, a night, morning or an afternoon.

I love this time in my week!

There is bound to be a few hours of time that you can set aside to see if you can make sure your life works.

A lull in the busyness of life usually happens at some point over the weekend.

I plan about 7-10 days in advance so I’m planning ahead into the next week also.

To get started I make sure I have on hand;

  • Pens / Pencils
  • Diary / Bullet Journal
  • Phone (for notes etc)
  • Computer for Calendar / Emails
  • Current notices / letters

When I have organised a decent part of what’s coming up I have a chat with everyone about things I don’t know about.

If there’s more to add, I go back and re-jig the plan.

What I’m left with is a pretty decent idea of what’s coming up that week.

I have made room for prep and the actual activity including the travel time.

I have a loose plan for meals and I know what I need to remind everyone of as the week goes on at dinner time conversations.

There is work involved in the planning but it’s totally worth it.

I am the manager of my home, it’s just what my role is, and I need to get it done.

I care the most about being ready.

So when plans change, and they always do, it’s not that big of a deal because I have a really good idea of what could work to fix things, BECAUSE of my weekly planning.

Every evening meal time we talk about what everyone’s been doing and how it’s all going. It’s also the best time for me to remind people of what’s going on tomorrow they might need to remember.

Most of the time they know exactly what’s going on, but every now and then they might forget or not realise and it’s super helpful for kids to get a reminder about things.

They might be teenagers and want to be the ruler of their own lives, but we know (as adults) that they are just kids (kind of) and still need a hand to get things done sometimes.

My weekly planning session benefits me mostly in more ways than one, but it also means that we don’t get frantic very often about things we forgot.

Life still happens, as always, but I do roll with the punches a little easier with my planning done.