‘The Next Right Thing’ Podcast by Emily P. Freeman

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I have found a truly helpful and inspired podcast by Emily P. Freeman called ‘The Next Right Thing’. Episodes are relevant to life, helpful, and most of all interesting to listen to!

I have been both surprised and grateful for the thoughtfulness and depth Emily.P. Freeman can go to in only 15 mins or so.  She touches on real life and teaches a new trick or two, while simultaneously causing me to examine the why, what and when of my own personal development.

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Emily has got a terrific balance of self-disclosure, reflection, and teaching that entertains and refreshes the listener.

In her words, this podcast is for the ‘chronically hesitant, the second-guessers’ and for those ‘struggling with decision fatigue’.  It not only informs and entertains but it also feeds the soul in small, easy to digest doses every week. 

‘THE NEXT RIGHT THING’ Podcast by Emily P. Freeman

The podcast covers a various range of topics, mostly about making good choices and great lists, choosing the essential amongst the busyness of life, and making progress on the most important things.  I have been so encouraged by her words and style and I appreciate so much every episode I have listened to.

Emily is incredibly honest and hopes that something she shares will be of benefit.  

Her focus for each episode is (obviously) to help you determine what your ‘next right thing’ is, but she does it by sharing her experience and a thought or a tool that worked for her which might help you.

She has a friendly way of talking, I often feel like she is a friend, (sounds bizarre I know), easy to do when a person is talking in your ear every week.  She has a wonderful way with words and articulates well what she is thinking and what listeners might be struggling with.  She is an author written 3-4 books (I am yet to read them), and you can tell that she has carefully and deliberately chosen how to express specifically what she wants to say which makes it so easy to keep listening.

I don’t have a particular episode I have enjoyed most, I really have enjoyed all of them! Although one I remember right away is the episode about recording what you learn. That was a good one. 

If you haven’t listened to any at all, just start at the beginning.


  • Go for a morning or afternoon walk
  • Listen while doing hair and makeup in the morning
  • While you driving or doing errands
  • Afternoon lie down before dinner/evening rush
  • While folding washing
  • While fixing dinner or doing dishes
  • Before you go to bed at night


  1. Open the app store on your phone & search Podcasts.
  2. See the icon for podcasts (see pic below) and install
  3. Find the search (magnifier) icon to search for a topic or title
  4. In this instance, you will search, The Next Right Thing or Emily P. Freeman
  5. Select the icon for her podcast, scroll through her available episodes to choose one to listen to.
  6. Subscribe if you enjoy it so you will have next weeks automatically downloaded to your phone. Enjoy 🙂