Leaving Teenagers At Home For The Weekend / VLOG

My husband and I are planning to go away for a night, we have a family celebration happening up north and we have decided to leave the teenagers behind!

So, the day before we go is all about making sure we are ready to leave them when the times comes on Saturday morning.

I don’t have to worry about dinner tonight, James and I have a dinner voucher he was given so we will do that when kids are at Youth Group, will have to make a booking for that. 

Kids are having takeout pizza before Youth Group tonight and James and I have a dinner voucher he was given for a local restaurant. We will eat after we have dropped kids off, which means meals for us are sorted for tonight. 

VLOG #1 | Getting ready to go away for the weekend
VLOG #2 | Travelling 7 hours North, New Zealand

Usually, I tidy the house a bit before we leave, you know, make sure it’s not a wreck to come home to after our trip away, I won’t worry about that at all this time because the kids will be here. YAY!!

I’m going to think through all the things I need to do before we leave, things that they will need organised and especially food for them to cook and eat while we are away. 

They are 14 and 16 years, soon to be 15 and 17 years old and completely capable of cooking and feeding themselves when we are unavailable.

I’m just going to make sure that I have the ingredients in the pantry that they might need for eggs on toast, pancakes or nachos for example.

I wrote a blog post on easy ways to feed a teenager and I’m sticking by it at times like this!

We didn’t ask the kids if they wanted to come, we just told them they were staying behind and they were greatly relieved. They did not want to go. 

They are very comfortable at home on their own, they enjoy staying by themselves. Because we are going to be so far away, (7 hours driving to be exact), they will benefit from having each other for support if anything did happen.

We have a number of family friends who they could call on in an emergency, but I don’t expect anything will happen overnight. We will have chat with both of them about what to do before we go though…just in case.

My daughter has a few things on while we are away and will have to make sure she is safe and happy getting herself to and from those activities, my son not so much and he loves a weekend of nothing to do.

Also, they will be doing us a favour by looking after the dog, the cat and the house. 

We are going to leave at a reasonable time tomorrow morning, probably about 9 am, stopping for lunch and a visit with James’ Mum and Dad, hoping to arrive a little north of Auckland about 6 pm. 

7 hours is a long drive for us just for an overnight event, but we decided that if we don’t make an effort to get to these kinds of family celebrations, when do you see extended family other than weddings and funerals. 

I realised after my initial planning that what I often do is worry about the kids being left behind and forget what I need in order to make my trip the most pleasant. I have to make sure that I have everything I would like to wear, including shoes, jacket, makeup etc. So stink if I forget this stuff!

In my experience, there isn’t anything that I have ever forgotten that mattered much in the end. So, I will do my best but I’m sure we will all have a pleasant weekend regardless of what I forget to remember!