KonMari Kickstart For Big Clutter-Free Results

Using the Kon Marie method to kickstart your decluttering will completely change the way you pack and move house. 

We used the KonMari method to declutter our belongings before we moved. We reduced 2 full days of commercial packers, down to 5 hours. By sorting what we had worn out, didn’t need or never used within 3 weeks!

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We saved ourselves a week of unpacking at the other end of the shift, we knew exactly what we had packed and where it needed to go.  


We were 3 months away from moving back home, from the South Island of New Zealand to the North Island. The removal company had assessed that they would need 2 full days to pack our belongings. I didn’t think anything of this, we are a military family and we have moved enough to know this was the usual amount of time it would take to pack and load up the truck. 

It was spring, so I thought that while I was cleaning the house and getting ready to move I would declutter.

I had time and decided to sort things in each of the rooms, create some order and get things tidied up. We had moved 3 years before and it was a big job then, I wanted to avoid moving unwanted things to our next home and having to sort at the other end as we were unpacking.


Google searching for tips on ‘getting rid of clutter’ and ‘sorting my house before I move’ etc. 

I came across Marie Kondo’s book ‘The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up’.

Enthusiastically, I read the book in a few days. I wanted a plan of attack and I soon found that her system would take me step-by-step through our entire home and belongings!

I was happy to get started right away and looking back I would say that the whole process took me about 3 weeks. I  purged, decluttered and eliminated unwanted belongings in the systematic way that she taught.

It was my instruction book for cleaning house, properly and thoroughly.


I had highlighted and tagged so much of the book while I was reading it, I was able to have my husband read those paragraphs and pages.

This motivated him to sort his tools and equipment in the garage.

He is an incredibly handy husband who enjoys house projects and doing things himself, but he had lots of hoarded wood for a ‘maybe one-day’ use. He decluttered his garage and said he felt completely relieved afterwards.

We were no longer feeling chaotic. We had space in our home, and it gave us space in our heads.


Moving day came and the packers got started. There is always half a dozen of them, 2-3 armed with boxes and tape. and a few big guys to start carrying and loading. They started at 9 am and fully surprised me when at 3 pm they asked if there was anything else to pack…there wasn’t!

We looked to check what the truck was doing for the next day and where it was going, but it was booked to stay for more packing…but they were done?!?!

This meant that my decluttering had reduced a two, 8 hour day of packers down to 5 hours, that’s 11 hours difference.


I know that we had put in these work hours earlier and so the time had been spent there, but the snowball positive effect of our efforts in the whole process was phenomenal on us personally.  

  • Unpacking at the other end was pleasant,
  • Every box we opened had items in it that were expected and wanted.
  • We knew what we had and where everything needed to go.
  • We didn’t end up with a garage of boxes to be sorted
  • No boxes filled with unknown objects of who-knows-what.

It is incredible how systematic work was done earlier and properly, had such an ongoing effect throughout the whole move and transitioning process.


1 year later we moved again, not far this time, within the same city, and the move was the same, easy!

We continue to value what we learned and how it can change the way you spend your money, the way you live and the choices you make with what you buy, what you ask for, and what you give to others as well.

It is a way of thinking that has changed for me, not just the fact that I have a tidy home.