How To Get Kids Helping With Household Chores

We have to talk about all the weekly household chores and how to get help getting them done. Not the daily stuff that needs constant attention like dishes and laundry, but the bigger ones that need more organisation. Here’s how to get every family member involved and make it happen for you. 

The #1 push back on these kinds of jobs is that they are time-consuming, and quite honestly…yucky!

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We know what needs to get done. TIME & ENERGY. YET we are shocked every week it’s not done. My take on them is that everybody single person in the household that uses the facilities has to help. Because it’s the right thing to do and they need to know how to clean. 

What would take 1 person 2 hours will only take 4 people 30 minutes. Very simple mathematics.


You’re not going to do a deep clean every week. That’s ridiculous. Nobody has time for that! Stick to the essentials that will enable you to live hygienically in your home
when you’re trying to get more than two people organised
I think that’s bathrooms & toilets, vacuuming (remember; not the daily kitchen dishes)


I personally prefer the once-a-week scenario
At least then if you miss a week it doesn’t matter… and it’s a good way to form a habit if it’s done regularly

We choose to do it during the week in the evening because our weekends are so busy and nobody in our household wants to get up earlier to clean…

Decide when it will work for your family, have a chat about it over dinner…see what the consensus is.


You could try the approach that everyone should just get stuck in and go for it but I find it rarely works. Some things get done twice, others not at all AND worst case scenario fights break out over the easy jobs.

I suggest a quick list of the tasks that you know need doing and divvy the list up evenly between the people.

Keep in mind everyone’s age & ability, delegate accordingly.


  • Start with the bathroom because that’s always the worst job
  • Provide everyone with the right tools and products
  • Give some general instruction and run through with anyone who isn’t sure how to do something
  • When they are done in the bathroom, they can go and do their area of the house & bedroom to vacuum
  • Stick around the whole time in case someone asks for help, after a few weeks nobody will need any help
  • Before your done, you have to double check that each person has completed the tasks you gave


It is a golden moment when the bathroom, toilets and floors are clean, bedrooms picked up and it only took 30 minutes. You can kick back and relax, knowing it’s all done for the week with the added satisfaction that YOU didn’t have to do it all!