Simple Way To Make Sure You To Take Care Of You

3 pink chairs in front of a mirror at a hair salon

My household spending plan has funds for my hair and beauty expenses. If we have space in the budget for the vehicle, home maintenance, school expenses, Christmas and birthdays, why not have money that helps you look after yourself.

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Years ago, when I wasn’t feeling flash after a new baby, a lady said to me, “Do you need to see a doctor or do you just need a hairdresser?”.

Back then we couldn’t afford much, but what she said stuck with me. Nothing was terribly wrong, I just needed some self-care, so I acted on it and got my hair done.  Spending an hour looking after myself was relaxing and refreshing, and nearly 15 years on I still remember it.


Over the years it has helped me see that there is a difference between when I am feeling blah or actually, physically unwell. One is often fixed with a new outfit or haircut & colour, the other might need a visit to the doctor or a long chat with a good friend.

All those years ago, even though we couldn’t really afford it, I started putting aside some dollars for myself. It became part of our household expenses. It really only costs about $25 a week for me to maintain the things that I like.  Some people would need more, some less, it really depends.


For me, I always want to feel comfortable in my own skin. Don’t get me wrong, I never EVER have to be immaculate, I’m too practical for that, but I like to be presentable! I like my waxing done, I like tidy-enough clothes, doing my hair & making sure I have some makeup on before I head out the door. It’s not over the top, but if I haven’t done these things, I feel uncomfortable.

It makes me feel confident and put together. Whatever happens next I’m ready.

Maybe it sounds snobby? That’s not my intention. It doesn’t matter to everyone how they present themselves, it’s just my preference.


You might do something regularly like me or save it as a treat for your birthday, it’s up to you to work out what it is that makes you feel like your taking care of yourself.

Here are some ideas that might appeal to you;

  • Manicure/Pedicure
  • Cleanser/Moisturiser
  • Haircut/Colour
  • Eyebrows shaped/tinted
  • Waxing Treatment
  • Foundation/Makeup
  • New outfit or item
  • Special Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Regular Massage

You might not afford everything you want, but you do need to show some self-love.