A Simple Capsule Wardrobe Is Easy But Restricting

I’ve often thought a capsule wardrobe would be a great option. Less clothing means less space required, less laundry, less managing. Having less excess clothing means less work in general. I would love the ease and simplicity of a capsule wardrobe.  I really would.

A capsule wardrobe is a concept of having a wardrobe of clothing that can mix and match with each other and keeping a smaller, specific number of clothing items. Most often within the limits of 30 or fewer items. Some opt for even less than that, and this system often appeals to minimalists and their living spaces.

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I have found this doesn’t work for me because I don’t want restrictions on clothing I buy, and I already tend to keep only items that I love and use regularly and get rid of items that I don’t use anymore.


Reducing the amount of clothing we have to deal with is appealing, and probably wise too, but not always easy. Especially for personality types that aren’t as organised but also for people, like me, that enjoy having nice clothes and don’t want to be limited in being creative or having fun with what they wear.

I realised I haven’t got any kind of capsule wardrobe because if I could have more clothes I would. Which is the opposite of the capsule!


When I have nothing nice to wear I feel melancholy.  If I see a pretty dress in the store, I want to be able to try it.  If I had a capsule wardrobe I would be limited to not having it, or getting rid of something to make room for it.  But if I can afford it and it looks good, I prefer the option of being able to have it regardless. 

I’m not saying I spend oodles of dollars on clothing, my wardrobe is still fairly minimal 99% of the time.

In the past, I have struggled to afford a lot of clothing for myself and so I was minimal by default. But I don’t like it this way.

I love minimalism, but I do not enjoy having the same clothing day in, day out to wear. I find it boring and it makes me feel blah. I love enjoying what I wear, don’t get me wrong, I’m not extreme in what clothing I choose.  But I love the colour, style and comfort.

The capsule idea hasn’t been a hit with me because I don’t want to be limited.

I still have fewer items than most, because I make sure whatever is in my wardrobe is being worn regularly, I really don’t see why an item should be there if I’m not wearing it. 

I keep seasonal items stored in cane baskets at the top of my wardrobe. That can be fun at the start of a season to pull out a floral dress you love and haven’t seen since last season or a comfy pair of slacks that you know you love in the deep of winter. This is all the limitation I need to make me feel in control of my wardrobe.

Overall I think I have a healthy wardrobe that allows me to have fun with what I wear but I maintain my minimalist attitude as I make purchases and decide what stays or goes at the end of a season.