You Don’t Need A Bigger House For All Your Stuff

Whether you own a big home or a small home, it will make ZERO difference to whether you are a clutter bug or not. I want to encourage you, if you have clutter in your home, you do not need to move, downsize, upsize, or renovate. The size of your home is not what is stopping you from feeling organised.

How you view the things you own, what you choose to keep decides the size of the house you need, not the other way round.

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Sure, if you find there are too many people for the size of your home then maybe you need a bigger house.


It’s still not always necessary, the tiny-home movement is proving that.

But nothing as drastic as moving or renovating needs to happen for you to simplify.

Once your thinking towards the belongings in your home changes it won’t matter what size house you live in.

I have lived in a small home with small children and larger home with fewer children, both times I been overwhelmed with too much stuff.

We live in a big-enough home currently, but the size of our home doesn’t matter to me anymore, it doesn’t change a single thing in regards to my organisation. 

If your looking around and thinking that a bigger home or major renovations are going to fix your storage problem, I’m here to tell you that it probably won’t.

You might be thinking, ‘if I just had a bit more space to put things away we could be so much tidier and more organised’.

The harsh reality is that having more space will make no difference what-so-ever. You will move to a big house and fill that up, everything will be as it was. Or you will move to a small house and eventually clutter that up too.

We live in a home that is a little bigger than we need because we love the space it provides, and it was the one we could afford in this area. I decluttered our home and got rid of many things about 5 years ago and have never worried about storage since.

The mind shift that needs to happen is realising we don’t often need as many things as we think we do to live comfortably.

Learning to let go, to choose between one thing and another or nothing at all, realising you do not need everything.  These are mindsets and attitudes that create calm, contentment and peace in your home, your lifestyle, and in your head. 

We often own a lot of things that we don’t even remember we own and yet we keep paying for housing and storage (the big house and garage) to keep it all.

If you haven’t really thought about whether you specifically need to keep something then it may or may not be essential. Everything you own isn’t essential unless you have decided it is.

If you declutter and simplify your belongings, you will not only survive but you will thrive in whatever home you live in just fine.

When you own what you love and keep what you need to, the line becomes very clear about what stays and what goes. 

Your home will be filled with items you use regularly and there are no longer boxes of storage or cupboards full of items unused.

I don’t mean for you to live on beans and rice and own no more than a mouse.

By all means,

  • Keep your rock collection
  • Let your kids keep the childhood toys that mean something to them
  • Boxes of family photos are valuable treasures that must be looked after

But at least remember that you own them, know where they are and decide for once what value they have for you before you put them away in a storage box.

Many minimalists live in large homes, minimalism is never about the size of your home, but rather the size of your needs.

You can live simply in a 300m2 home or a 30m2 home.