Hey there!

Are you desperate to get a handle on your current lifestyle behaviour and spending? Would you like to find a way that’s more manageable?

Then you have come to the right place.

5 years ago my family was in a mess. Through a series of circumstances and decisions, we got in over our heads in financial stress and chaotic living. Moving away from family and friends, building a brand new home, studying and working full time.

What we chose to do to combat the problem didn’t help. Doing more, ignoring the behaviour, boxing on, still wanting to ‘have-it-all’ only made it much worse and lead to burn-out.

I discovered Minimalism at a time when I most needed it and it’s changed the way I live my life and how our family functions to this day.

The most significant things minimalism will teach you are;

  • to spend less than you earn
  • how to make do with what you have
  • to only own what you need, use and love
  • not to waste all your spare time cleaning up
  • how to teach your kids the true value of things
  • contentment – being grateful for what you have
  • the real cost of the things that you own
  • and many more

I’m 100% committed to minimalism, staying out of debt, and simplifying life to make time for what matters most.

Here I share resources, tips and encouragement to help you get started, stay motivated and Save Money with Minimalism.