Hey there!

I am on a mission to practice contentment and to live within our physical and financial means in order to save money and stay out of debt. If you are trying to get out of debt or just stay out of debt in this crazy money-guzzling world then stick with me.

Minimalism was really good in principle because it helped shift my thinking from wanting bigger and better all the time and made me extremely aware of the things I didn’t need in life that I always thought I did.

BUT minimalism didn’t change our families personal finance or overspending issues.

We bought fewer items of clothing and furniture, but the few items we did buy were more than we could afford. We overspent on groceries, convenience food, eating out and going on holidays. All these things we didn’t plan very well for.

I’m sharing now how I use ALL the skills I’ve learnt as a minimalist and putting them into practice in our families personal finances. I’ve learnt how bad my self-discipline can be and how much I can achieve when I have a plan and a goal.

Are you desperate to get a handle on your current lifestyle behaviour and spending?

Then you have come to the right place.

Here at MoneySavingMinimalism.com, I share inspiration, encouragement and resources that have helped me;

  • spend less than we earn
  • save $200 every week by cutting costs
  • make do with what we have 9/10 times
  • make plans and stick to them
  • communicate better about money
  • only own what we need, use and love
  • teach our kids about earning, saving and spending
  • contentment – being grateful for what we have
  • the real cost of the things that we own
  • always being responsible for our finances

I’m 100% committed to minimalism, staying out of debt, and simplifying life to make time for what matters most.

Here I share resources, tips and encouragement to help you get started, stay motivated and Save Money with Minimalism.