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Welcome to Money Saving Minimalism.com!

I’m passionate about Saving Money and Minimalism so I created a space to talk about BOTH!

They do go hand in hand, am I right? When you’re saving money you are often at the same time finding ways to be content with what you have. They’re in the same room with each other, they walk side by side, holding hands… ok no more metaphors!


This fundamental practice came to me as a consequence of overspending. Not just financially but physically and emotionally as well. A desperate need to downsize my families life in lots of areas, to cull the chaos that existed and the amazing wins we gained afterwards has made me a believer.

I am wholeheartedly committed to sharing all the tools for a minimalist lifestyle and helping in any way I can to encourage, inspire and resource you to make the changes you need to live a life with finance, time and energy for the things that matter the most!

Saving Money

I’m continually learning how to make better choices with my money! Groceries, living expenses, family holidays, managing savings, paying off debt. It’s always going to be an essential function in my life and I love to share my resources, tips and tricks here. Helping you to stay out of debt and also have money for the essential makes me truly happy.

Minimalism developed in me the principle that shifted my thinking from wanting bigger and better all the time and made me extremely aware of the things I didn’t need.

I share what has worked for me to;

  • always spend less than we earn
  • keep a home that never overwhelms
  • make do with what I have 9/10 times
  • save every week by reducing expenses
  • communicate better about money
  • own what I need, use and love
  • teach my kids about earning, saving and spending
  • contentment – being grateful for what we have
  • know the real cost of the things that I own
  • take ownership and responsibility for our finances

I am on a mission to practice contentment and to live within our physical and financial means in order to save money, stay out of debt, and give more than I ever dreamed possible.

Are you desperate to get a handle on your current lifestyle behaviour and spending?

Then you have come to the right place.