Hey there!

I’m Wendy,

Here you will find resources and inspiration to help turn motherhood frustration you might be having into a parenting experience you will enjoy.

I want to help you begin to manage your time and energy like a pro. Your precious resources that you have a limited amount of are being drained from you. You can learn to say yes to less and no to more.

I’m married to James and we have three children. 26 years of motherhood have taught me there is a lot about raising kids that is plain old common sense but it’s often much easier said than done, right?!

When your kids hit those teen years the wheels can start falling off. They use to do what you asked, but now they argue. They use to help out, now they are too lazy busy on their phones.

We don’t have to let chaos rule and upset the family so much. I want these years with your teenagers to be your BEST years ever.

Believe me, you can have helpful kids, you can enjoy your life as a parent raising teenagers, and you can most definitely have a fantastic relationship with them right throughout these crazy years and beyond.